The Business

RFSA Consulting Ltd was created by Brian Minnis to provide expert technical consultancy services on a range of wireless systems, components and technologies operating at frequencies up to 50 GHz. More specifically, the Consultancy offers design expertise in the following technical areas:

  • RF Transceiver Architectures
    for satcom, connectivity and cellular applications
    (E.g. BGAN, IDP, GSPS, ICE, GPS, WLAN, BT, WiMAX, GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, and LTE standards)
  • CMOS RF and Mixed-Signal IP Blocks
    for miscelaneous applications
  • Bespoke Microwave Components and Circuits
    for communications, EW and radar applications
  • Advanced Microwave & RF filter design
    for applications where size, weight and arbitrary control of passband and stopband are priorities

These form the Consultancy's core capabilities but enquiries are also welcome on other topics within the wider area of wireless systems.

More insight into technical capabilities can be found here: Key Skills ; Projects

Please send initial enquiries to

Technical Areas

Evolving Mobile Phones

RF Transceivers

Applications in Radar

Microwave Sub-systems

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