Summary of Key Skills

  • Radio architecture and RF front-end design for L band Satcom terminals
  • Radio architecture and RF front-end design for 60 GHz WPAN products
  • CMOS RF and mixed-signal IP block design
  • RF transceiver architectures for cellular SDR
  • Extraction of radio requirements from wireless standards
    (Cellular, Cordless, Broadcast, PLC, Satcom etc)
  • Behavioural modelling and simulation of radio systems
  • Integrated transmitter architectures for GSM, UMTS and LTE:
    I/Q up-mix, fractional-N PLL, tapped delay line PLL, LINC, CHIREX
  • Integrated receiver architectures for DECT, GSM, UMTS and LTE:
    zero-IF, low-IF/polyphase, digitisation by ΣΔ modulators, digital filters
  • Wideband RF/microwave power amplifiers, including PA efficiency enhancement techniques (slow track, env track, polar mod etc)
  • Microwave Integrated Circuits (MICs) and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) on GaAs for the range 1-40 GHz
  • 3D EM simulation with commercial software
  • Direct-frequency synthesis techniques for radar applications
  • Advanced microwave/RF filter design by exact synthesis
  • Exact network synthesis techniques, network theory and CAD

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A Multimode Tx Architecture

Multimode Transmitter Architecture

An MMIC Amplifer

MMIC 6-18 GHz Amplifier

A Miniature Filter

4-8 GHz BP Filter