Summary of Previous Assignments

  • RF transceiver architecture design for SatCom mobile terminal
  • 800 MHz PLL in 0.13um CMOS
  • I2C accelerator in 0.13um CMOS
  • GPIB transceiver in 0.13um CMOS
  • 60 GHz wireless technology for multi-gigabit WPAN
    (system design, antenna, AFE design, package design etc)
  • Wideband RF transceiver design in 0.11um CMOS
  • Novel RF coupling structures for data comm's in drill pipes
  • High-efficiency Chirex PAs (GaN) for base stations
  • Efficiency-enhanced PAs for mobile handsets (env tracking etc)
  • SDR transceiver for 4G mobile
  • Multi-Mode TRX design for 2G/3G handsets
  • Highly-digitized receiver using sigma-delta ADCs
  • Transmitter architecture based on tapped delay lines for GSM
  • Fractional-N transmitter architectures for GSM
  • An interpolating phase modulator for cellular radio
  • A polyphase receiver for DECT
  • A polyphase receiver for GSM with log-domain signal processing
  • X-band, GaAs MMIC power amplifiers for phased-array radar
  • A 35 GHz image-rejection receiver in thin-film MIC technology
  • 2-6 GHz and 6-18 GHz MMIC distributed amplifiers in GaAs
  • Fast-switching direct frequency synthesiser
  • Frequency discriminators for Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
  • Integrated, wideband, high-selectivity filters for EW applications
  • Wideband radome design for pod jammers

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Concept Development

Multimode Rx Architecture

Concept Development

Direct Frequency Synthsiser

Prototype Development

2-6 GHz BP Filter